Dearest B…

Dear B,

There are two things to post as an update but first let me start by saying my journey as a “novelist”, full book in hand, er_ book on Microsoft word that is, has started out a bit… Rocky.

You know better than anyone the truth, B, as not very long ago I blogged a happy writer who had finished her first entire book with a real back and front and everything. A virtual sitting duck of blissful ignorance soon to be shot down by the tragedy that is the act of cleaning up her own mess. To put it in one word “Hysteria” struck, and I realized that it all actually had to make sense, and enjoy making sense. Not easy to do when you know I have a penchant for the overdone, underdone, and creative bounce around, aka sloppy, ill thought out, and lack of flow. Hmmm.

Not long after my first post here on my lovely new website, I sat down Starbucks in hand, cookies and other sweets as I dusted off the parts that needed dusting and filled in the parts that needed filling. I do not need to say to you how this was a sunny day with maybe even a rainbow outside of my window and the energy flowed with ease. Day number two was a bit less so as you might imagine, and then even later that week fitting in edits between a yelling child, and dinner I told myself “It wasn’t so bad” in the most unconvincing inner voice you have ever heard, B, if you chose that day to be inside of my head..

Day ten and more was all downhill from there…

You know how something seems so easy in theory but once you set upon the actual doing you realize that it. Is. So. Not. Yes, this was me, is me.

One computer dead, and a few clumps of hair sacrificed, I am glad to say it seems that I am back on track towards the edit finish line still within the same amount of time, hurray!

August is still the plan. Onward and upward my friend!

For now…



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