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You have eight minutes to prepare for the apocalypse…

When the sun begins to dim, experts expect a massive solar storm. But when it hits the earth, collapsing the grid, it leaves behind an extraordinary sight: the most massive aurora borealis ever seen. Scientists are scared. With the CME comes a crippled infrastructure. Disaster is quick to follow. L.A. accountant Clive Bowman expects a downed grid, and plenty of public hysteria, but as the solar storms increase in size and frequency, the sun continues to dim, casing the earth in perpetual darkness. Without the sun, power, or communications, Bowman and a handful of survivors not only fight for their lives, they work to find those they love, doing so in the hope that humanity itself is not in the midst of its last days.

Sky Fall is an edge-of-your-seat thrill-ride written as an episodic series.* This series, created by co-author of the bestselling series Long Fall, follows a group of unlikely survivors and their families as they brave uncharted waters against insurmountable odds and a weather disaster of epic proportions. Sky Fall will leave you breathless wondering, if this happened, could I survive? Well, could you?

*Expect one 25,000+ word episode to be released each month.

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  1. Hi! I just recently discovered you. I would like to purchase your books. Amazon does not sell them? I am trying to find them for Kindle. Where can I purchase?

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  2. I am dying for a release date for Lies and Legends! I just read the first two books in 4 days, the ending to La La Land killed me! Please, when will we know about the third book!?!

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    1. So glad to hear you enjoyed it! The goal is summer, but I have a feeling fall will be the actual date. But I’m pushing for summer anyway!


    1. Thank you so much oh wow that is so cool! I lived there for five years and actually I miss that weather. Even humid yes! It’s warmer haha. ❤ thanks for the feedback 😀


    2. Hi Logan. I would just like to let you know that I absolutely love your books. The one that really gripped me was The noble thrones novel. I was wondering if you are perhaps planning to write a sequel as I’m sure we would love to know the end of that series.

      Once again, thank you so much for bringing colour to our imagination.

      (all the way from South Africa)

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  3. Just completed the series of The Long Fall. I absolutely loved it. I only wish you wrote another series on how they lived and the struggles they had to endure after the melt. Truly a great read.

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  4. Read the Long Fall series and thought it was brilliant.
    I have just finished Sky Fall and White Flare ..can’t wait for the next one. Hope it won’t be too long. 🤞

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