#1 Bestselling Horror Author and Co-author of the Bestselling series with over ten thousand copies sold Logan Keys brings you a dystopian series unlike any other!



The plague has destroyed the planet…
Liza, once a child prodigy, is now sixteen and kept prisoner without any hope of release by the new world order. Youths are kept away from the general population as the chosen few, while more change into the undead every day.
Freedom is a memory…
A soldier on the opposite side of the globe undergoes unspeakable alterations to become a human weapon for the Underground Army. Tommy gives everything for the cause, but his monsters is quickly taking over.
One city still remains…
Survivors live a shadow life in Anthem city of rations and abuse. The Authority rules the citizens with an iron fist. Their last chance to rise is now.
Revolution begins…



Have you ever come across a book that crawls inside your soul from page one and obliterates your heart by the end? This book did that to me and so much more.” The Book Curmudgeon
“Holy hell in a hand basket, it was amazing!” Undeniably Addicted to Books
“Mystery, passion, and a revolution!” Author Yessi Smith


Book Series Order:
The Last City (Book#1)
La La Land (Book#2)
Lies and Legends (Book#3) Available!
Lore of the Lost (Coming soon.)


Coming in February!


Preorder now: CLICK HERE



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  1. Hi! I just recently discovered you. I would like to purchase your books. Amazon does not sell them? I am trying to find them for Kindle. Where can I purchase?

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  2. I am dying for a release date for Lies and Legends! I just read the first two books in 4 days, the ending to La La Land killed me! Please, when will we know about the third book!?!

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    1. So glad to hear you enjoyed it! The goal is summer, but I have a feeling fall will be the actual date. But I’m pushing for summer anyway!


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