Post Apocalyptic

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You have eight minutes to prepare for the apocalypse…

When the sun begins to dim, experts expect a massive solar storm. But when it hits the earth, collapsing the grid, it leaves behind an extraordinary sight: the most massive aurora borealis ever seen. Scientists are scared. With the CME comes a crippled infrastructure. Disaster is quick to follow. L.A. accountant Clive Bowman expects a downed grid, and plenty of public hysteria, but as the solar storms increase in size and frequency, the sun continues to dim, casing the earth in perpetual darkness. Without the sun, power, or communications, Bowman and a handful of survivors not only fight for their lives, they work to find those they love, doing so in the hope that humanity itself is not in the midst of its last days.

Sky Fall is an edge-of-your-seat thrill-ride written as an episodic series.* This series, created by co-author of the bestselling series Long Fall, follows a group of unlikely survivors and their families as they brave uncharted waters against insurmountable odds and a weather disaster of epic proportions. Sky Fall will leave you breathless wondering, if this happened, could I survive? Well, could you?

*Expect one 25,000+ word episode to be released each month.




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