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#1 bestselling horror author Logan Keys is currently working on both her new disaster post-apocalyptic series The Long Fall while embarking on a new fantasy journey into Greek mythology. Sign up for her newsletter below.

Logan says much a writer as she is a soothsayer and preparer for those who are still blissfully unaware. Her stories aren’t dystopian but rather a warning for the next generation. When she’s not writing disasters, zombies, vampires, superheroes, and robots, she’s fighting against government over-reach and oligarchy using military tactics mixed with a little bit of poetry.

Logan’s currently stationed in Kansas with her husband, two kids, and furbaby while starting her voyage into fantasy, but she’s still “keeping it real” and writing futuristic sci-fi on the daily.

Saving imaginary planets one story at a time she says, “My words are my riot.”


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  1. If it makes you feel any better, it took me 7 years to get from start to publish for Hyperlink from Hell. A novel is the sum of everything that happens to you BECAUSE you’re writing it.
    So wow. Aren’t we amazing?

    If your book is anything like your blog, I’m very much looking forward to reading it.

    Also: Free Falling is one of my all time favorite songs to belt out, anywhere! Original version, especially, but John Mayer’s live version, too. I spent a whole week watching that video every time the husband left the house, but Tom’s version must stay first in my heart.

    I’m linking to your blog from mine. Right now!


  2. And youre awesome! I checked out your blog, and will definitely add your book to my list! I’m so glad to hear some others took the long LONG LOOOOONG road to novel land. I have some more to do but everyone is so encouraging! Thank you for the compliment!


  3. Why, thank you!

    I heard this about (insert famous author’s name here): He took so long — ten years — to write one book, that when someone asked his kid what Daddy did for a living, the kid replied “He writes a book called (insert name of famous book here).

    (Pretty sure that story would sound better if I remembered the details.)


  4. LOL! Well it makes the point quite well actually! LOL yes my daughter will probably say, “My mother yells at people for a living and then writes people yelling at people afterward…”


  5. Logan…you’re…a…..WOMAN!!! You’re so hilarious, it somehow led me to assume you’re a guy. Aimee, the reclusive A.R. Taylor and the even-more-reclusive Barbara J. Taylor are among the tiny number of women writers/bloggers I know who crack me up.

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