What Disney Can Teach Us About Storytelling

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Oh jeeze. All of them..fab FAB advice!

There are vast, the-end-of-Raisers-of-the-Lost-Ark warehouses crammed with books that will never see the light of day. Despite whatever honors you’ve achieved or whatever others may think of your talents, your novel might end up being one of those books. To paraphrase Saint Ben and Saint Jerry…if you’re not having any fun writing then why write it at all? Writing is lonely, isolated work with long-odd payoffs. Get comfortable with masochism and learn to enjoy it.”””

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Taking Writing Advice From Other Writers


Johnny Reads

Law-Essays-Tips1Photo Credit: LawEssays

As you all know, there are SO many writers here on WordPress. Some have publishing deals, others have sellf-published, and yet more don’t know the first thing about grammar. The quality of the writer is impossible for you to know because no, writing a blog post is not and never will be the same as writing a new chapter in a story or any type of fiction at all. Yet all of these writers are constantly giving out advice like they’re some expert on the craft. Here’s what I think about all of the “advice” floating around the web, and specifically WordPress.

Ask for advice at your own risk. Have you read the work of the person giving you this seemingly magnificent advice? Or better, have they read your work? No to both, huh? Well then what the heck are you doing taking their advice? How can…

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Finally: Interview with PT Hylton

Insightful. I dig it

John L. Monk

model One of PT Hylton’s annoying fans…

It seems like every day I check my email and get another note from a supermodel asking, “Omg, when are you going to interview PT Hylton?”

Usually I’m all like, “Ladies, please, why go with Coke Zero when you got ice cold Dr. Pepper right here?”

To which they reply, “That makes no sense. And we’re not supermodels, we’re figments of your imagination.”

“Touché,” I hypothetically reply…

Anyway, here’s my interview with Awesome Indie PT Hylton, author of “Regulation 19“.


JLM — Cormac McCarthy once said fiction that doesn’t deal with issues of life and death isn’t literature. How do you feel about that? And do you have any guiding philosophical beliefs about writing?

PTH —Literature needs to feel like it’s dealing with life and death issues even when it isn’t. Whether your character is trying to save…

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