Tips for Rewriting Your Manuscript, Part 2

Part two!

Sherrey Meyer, Writer

Via Flickr | Tanvi Jaiman Via Flickr | Tanvi Jaiman

Last week Part 1 of Tips for Rewriting provided three tips:

(1) There is no perfect first draft;

(2) Never look back; and

(3) Write, wait, edit.

Today I have other tips I hope you will find as helpful as I did as I came across them in reading on the topic of rewriting.

Tips in these two posts may not be in an exact order or progression with rewriting your manuscript, but I believe you can fit the puzzle pieces together.

Picking up with last week’s list:

Tip 4. Are You Bored?

While reading and revising your manuscript, ask the all important question, “Am I bored?” If you answer “yes,” then heed the advice often attributed to writer and teacher Margot Livesey:

If you are bored, it’s not because you’ve read that section so many times,
it’s because it’s boring.

Remember great writing is always engaging. Think…

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