Why are you doing Romance, Logan? When can we get stupid Lies and Legends? I don’t understand why you are abandoning us!—- I should have already done a cover reveal/release info post so here it is! — and also other answers to your questions about my very existence…



THAT’S said to be MR & MRS Smith meets Pulp Fiction xxxxx



 Here is the Goodreads Link to o read more about the Game of Realms series that is exactly how it sounds. Game of Thrones meets A Court of Thorns and Roses 😀


Okay, so, as to the questions:

I have always played at romance. If you’ve read Stockholm Sexy, that has romantic scenes, as does The Last City. Stockholm was my FIRST novel, and when I left Adult Thriller for YA, I sort of ventured away from heat levels thinking teens would read my books…alas….adults read ALL of my books haha. So as you can see if you read The Last City series, heat levels increase as we get older characters.

Lies and Legends is in it’s FINAL drafting stage. When you see Stockholm being put out, it’s because it was written about ten plus years ago. I have not forsaken my main series…whatsoever. If you are wondering if I’m too busy for TLC you are out of your MIND. My main series (The Last City) will FOREVER be my MAIN series. Period.

Zombies, superheroes, and mayhem is my home to stay. But. There will be more to come from OLDer works that should have been published a thousand years ago.

Unhinged II will be out this year. As will The Lucky Ones. I can’t friggin wait. The Lucky Ones will be a serial and it’s romance too…dystopian romance with a big R. Very intense/angsty. I love writing that stuff too.

The ONLY new thing aside from Lies is going to be the fabulous book above ^^^^ The Noble Throne, and that story too, was not started just right now, and did not just right now put anything on pause, it is in fact, something that started dead even with Lies and we are already finished with first draft because I wasn’t writing it all by my onsie.

Yes, that was Pirate slang. If you have not read my pirate slang in Bonecaller, go do that first, then come back.

I’ll wait….

What is coming next NEXT, you ask? FREAKING MAYHEM and a girl who is revenge incarnate—‘a walking hurricane’ (You’ll see who says that later if you read.)

Back to writing.


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Release Day Blitz! Dreamweavers C.C. Ravanera


Title: Dreamweavers
Author: C.C. Ravanera
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: January 29, 2015
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

beautiful teen girl portrait with windy hair


Beautiful girl freezing outdoor, autumn, cold, blue

Anima thrives in a parallel world where she harvests human dreams, but she has a secret. She longs for something more. She wants to be a part of it all and not just a visitor in another body.

Something within her is changing, something she can’t explain…..no longer is she comfortable in her own skin.

When she suddenly discovers a way to have it all she soon finds out that nothing is as it seems. Everything she’s ever known is changing. One things for certain, she’s in over her head.

Thrust into a reality where she’s killing people, fighting for her very existence and meeting the angel of death. She soon finds out her entire existence has been a lie and she is the only one who can change it.

They call her the savior, but she’s just Anima, how can she save everyone when she is unsure if she can save herself?


Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

After creating a nice pleasant dream for one of my assigned humans for the night about walking a big yellow dog down the beach, whereas I was the dog, something peculiar happened. I was in the middle of harvesting a decent amount of Lumus when I heard a voice in my head.

“What are you doing?” I was asked.

Startled, I looked around and found the man in the dream looking at me curiously. I quickly assessed him and found his conscious mind was still asleep. I was faced with an alert subconscious — another new thing I had never encountered before — and one I didn’t know how to deal with.

“Oh, hi, ahh… I’m working?” Is this the next test?

We were in the middle of his brain activity, which had a faint purple hue to it. I felt calm and rested inside it, even though I’d been rushing all night, finishing our assignments. The energy was gently flowing into me and my human, Michael Red, was watching the process thoughtfully.

“Are you absorbing me?” he asked curiously.

Uh-oh. Was I? What was I supposed to say? I didn’t really know what happened to humans when they woke up after my visits. I’d always assumed our visits had been undetected, and humans had not been affected by them at all. Since we’d never stayed around to see dawn, nobody had ever seen a human wake up afterwards. Should I stop letting the energy soak into me? But what if this was a test?

I must have taken my time answering because Michael Red started speaking again. “I’ve read about beings like you,” he said, changing the topic. Either he wasn’t bothered with being absorbed or he was changing tactics.

I was beginning to think that perhaps I should leave, but what he’d said tweaked my curiosity. He’s read about us? “Oh, have you?”

He nodded in response. “You look exactly how I imagined you would look.”

He’d just hit my most sensitive spot. But how could he see me, the real me, that is?

I straightened up and regarded him more carefully. There wasn’t really anything that striking with the man. He was tall for a human and slender in build but not too thin. Humans would consider him handsome, I supposed, with his intelligent-looking green eyes. He had a strong nose and a nice smile, though his black hair made his complexion paler than it was.

“How do I look exactly?” I countered back.

Again that nice smile appeared. “Ethereal.”

I blinked at him stupidly. Ethereal. I’d never considered myself or anyone from the Realm as ethereal. Was there something wrong with his sight?


CC Ravanera

C.C. hailed from the Philippines but now lives in England with her husband and two young boys. She works as a full-time nurse and absolutely enjoys it. When she’s not working she spends the rest of her time running around the house with the boys and spending quality time with her husband. In her spare time (whew!) she writes her books and dreams of becoming a ‘proper author’.

She’s addicted to coffee and chocolates. She loves reading books and waking up to the sound of birds early in the morning.

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Wattpad | Blog | Dreamweavers Website

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“Shattering Halos, my “firstborn,” has been in the making since December 2011. I pumped out the first draft in a month. Then I spent eighteen months rewriting. Revising. Polishing—polishing—POLISHING! Long story short: if you were inside my head right now, you’d be scared because I’m all over the place. For me, to be able to see my own work published, in the hands of readers, and on a daily basis receive happy messages from someone who loves it, is just mindboggling. I love my life!” Sunniva Dee

As you all know I’ve recently branched out into interviews! I love it. People seem to enjoy my take on poking the bears—(cough) authors, so here we are again!

I know some of you are wondering, but Logan, aren’t you a horror concierge? A gun toting gangster wanna-be aficionado? Yes to all of the above, but I do enjoy reading just about everything under the sun. With only a few exceptions, I am a book lover. I luffs them like I luffs cakes and pies. Mmmmm cakes and pies….

So here we are with the current new Jenny from the block in NA and paranormal romance. That’s right folks, it’s the Hollister genre (as I lovingly call it) with a bit of spice, because…supernatural!


Sunniva, we are so excited you came to speak with us today! I know you are a pretty energetic person so tell me, are you doing cartwheels right now?

Sunniva: Yes! Cartwheels! *glances around suspiciously*
Are there candid cameras?

*makes note to add candid cameras*

I know that Shattering Halos is what we all came to hear about, but first, have a seat, take a glass of wine and let your hair down girl!

Give us the low down on behind the scenes. What type of things, vices even, keep you ticking? Outside of writing, like, what makes you have such a gorgeous glow? And don’t tell me you are an angel for reals unless… (gasp) are you?

Sunniva: No, seriously. ARE there cameras in here? I always have my hair down and wine keeps me going. I think it’s sooo good for you. (Moderation, schmoderation.) To the angel part: let’s not ask my husband. He might mention horns. Or hissy-fits. Unless he’s trying to be diplomatic.

Hissy-fits are right up my alley! Keep things passionate I always say.


Okay. One more thing before we jump in. Is your house filled with angel knick-knacks? And do you ever wear wings and a halo to spice things for you and Mr. Dee?

Sunniva: As soon as I get home from my day job, I change into wings and a halo. I have yet to find a good halo that doesn’t hurt after a couple of hours. Plus…on me, they tend to fall off after a while. Shatter, even. Sometimes they don’t fall off. In which cases Mr. Dee has to…uh, remove them.

*blushes* Well I did ask, didn’t I?

All-righty then! It’s on to the interest of the hour _Shattering Halos!_ Oh my-oh my-oh my (this is what I say throughout most of your scenes). I don’t know how you manage to make your male characters extra spicy, but I hear that in this first of the series you gave a lot of ladies the swoon emoticon.
First, give us a low down overall of your book!

Sunniva: OK, SPOILER ALERT! I will now go into detail on everything worth knowing in Shattering Halos. After this, you can write an essay about it in school, kids, and never have to read it. No, I’m kidding. Basically, I wanted to write a story about angels. I wanted them to be total studs who plopped into ordinary girls’ lives. I didn’t want these girls to have special powers or be descendants of something supernatural. They needed to be regular humans, like you and me. Then, I wanted them all to get into tons of trouble together and have a nice, spicy chemistry as they did. And voila, you’ve got Shattering Halos.

That makes an unusual amount of sense for my show.


Tell us about how you come up with such hotties?

Sunniva: Oh, that was the easy part. I have lots of imagination, and like most writers, I’m big on people-watching. All I needed was to piece together the perfect guys from traits and features of people around me. There are a lot of charismatic people out there!

Charismatic…or sexy?

Sunniva: *thinks really hard* BOTH!!

Let’s say I’m looking for an angel with some snark. Where would I find such a creature?

Sunniva: *raises hand and jerks it in the air* Oh-oh! I know! Pick me!!
That would be my Cassiel. He’s snarky, hot as hell, and absolutely impossible to resist. Ask Gaia.

Since I have a no abs policy, can you give us a brief descript for all our potential future Sunniva-lovers out there? Neck up! (I know, I know ladies, sorry.)

Sunniva: Oh, goody! Well, both of Cassiel’s ba… Sorry. Neck and up, you said. Rewinding.
The Shattering Halos’ boys are fallen and celestial angels. Cassiel (even from the neck and up) is sex personified and the devil in one hell of a stunning package, while Gabriel is eerily beautiful with a disturbingly perfect personality. One of them loooves to drive girls crazy. (Guess who?) The other can’t begin to fathom the reactions he draws.

And yep: together they’re dynamite.

Ok-so. Gabriel: good guy

Cassiel: fallen angel

And me

If there was a broadcast warning for this book, what would it be? Warning this book:

Sunniva: Watch out for… uh… stuff…coming your way in this…book here!

From zero to Fifty Shades how hot would you say the steamy scenes in your book are?

Sunniva: Now that I’ve finished the sequel, Stargazer? Probably at Forty. God, I don’t know. I’m actually number dyslexic, so I might be wrong. Maybe it’s Five??!

Question, can I borrow a halo for my weekend out?

Sunniva: Yes, but as I mentioned, they’re not all that comfortable. I’m actually acquiring a small factory in the Netherlands where they’re already working on much better prototypes. I’ll keep you posted—I’m definitely in need of venture capital for “Halos-R-Us” anyway, and I know you’re dying to get rid of some cash.

This sounds like the type of thing I need to buy stock in ASAP!

Characters. Do they take on a life of their own, or do you orchestrate and really guide them along?

Sunniva: Every time I think I can tell them what to do. It doesn’t last long, though, for them to do their own thing and even shock me. I’ve had readers tell me that no, what the characters are up to is my fault, but really that’s not true! Sometimes they just use me. Use me, I say! *sniffs loudly*

*hands tissues out* What? I’m not crying. I’m just allergic to this…laptop.

Now that I think about it though, mine seem to need an extra amount of guiding. Maybe that’s my problem, hmm?

This is me and mine…


Where did you get the idea for this story?

Sunniva: I wanted to recreate exactly what Stephenie Meyer did in Twilight but with angels. Bwhaha! Sorry. I have to stop messing around. The truth is, though, that Twilight inspired me to start writing it. Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens fueled me in the revision stages for the hot chemistry and the unpredictable, flawed nature of her “heroine.” My stories come as I go. It’s like telling a fairy tale to a child on the fly. Then comes the hard work of going back and rewriting it into something that actually makes sense.

Closet Twilight lover right here! While I’d never try and write something like it I wish I could. Don’t hate…besides, I’d have like… guns…blood and stuff.

Sunniva: Oh, I am picturing your version. So. Vividly… *muffles a shriek*

For people out there just starting out in this author gig, do you have any advice?

Sunniva: Like my old high school teacher wrote once as a comment on an essay I turned in (free translation from Norwegian:) “It’s a long, hard road to become an author. If you want it bad enough, you’ll make it. Just don’t give up.” On a side note, I didn’t know I wanted to become a writer at the time. Needless to say, Mr. Rydning pops into my head quite a bit these days.

Some seriously great advice!

Give me a link to your fabulous book!

Sunniva: Oh well…since you insist:Click HERE!

Do you blog yo?

Sunniva: On Goodreads, I do:

And I love-love-love new friends on Goodreads as well as Facebook and Twitter. Find me, lovely people!

Sunniva, it’s rocked having you. Guys, don’t walk—run to get your paws on this one! Also, any fallen angels out there reading this, gimme a call.

Anything special going on?


Yep, your timing for this interview, Logan, is straight-out Celestial. For 5 days only—April 15th-19th, any reader with a Kindle app downloaded to any device, Kindle or not, can get it for free.

I’ll be posting a new, maybe too-hot? teaser on my FB page every day during that period. If you dare to share, you can get on my Rafflecopter giveaway too! *claps hands toddler-style with delight*.

Thank you so much for having me, Logan—you’re awesome! (Your “Unhinged” is still my guilty horror pleasure.)

FREE! My favorite F word ever!
And why thank you for the compliment! But you are not getting these videos back of you cartwheeling in wings and a halo 😉

Since Logan absolutely insisted we celebrate spring, romance in the air, etc, etc with a flowers-and-Sunniva author picture, here you go.
Since Logan absolutely insisted we celebrate spring, romance in the air, etc, etc with a flowers-and-Sunniva author picture, here you go.

Insisting is the name of the game! Love the pic BTW!!!

That’s all she wrote folks. So until next time, stay armed and dangerous.