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29 Things That Television Has Taught Me.

Originally posted on Suzie Speaks:
1. Walking down the street in these outfits will make people think I am a style icon and try and emulate my fashion sense. 2. Teenagers in America, particularly in Stars Hollow and Capeside, posses…

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How To Become a Lean, Mean, Writing MACHINE

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
In my most recent branding and social media book, I talk about blogging and teach how to do it well. I’m a HUGE fan of the blog for a number of reasons. Blogging…

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Post-Apocalypse and our Fear of the Unknown

Originally posted on Alianne Donnelly:
A brief announcement before I begin this week’s post: Wolfen is well on the way with edits, and doing great! I should have a release date to share in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! =) Having…

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Pre-orders now available for Amazon KDP users

This seems important 😀

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….Because I Can’t Not Do It

This is so great. Fab reasons to write!

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“You shut your mouth when you argue with me!”

Originally posted on Words with Salt:
Have you seen the commercial “Not sorry” from Pantene? It’s the one where every woman is saying sorry for something to a man. Then it says, “Don’t be sorry.” And they go on with…

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“Girl lost in woods during writing retreat. She was never really that good anyway…”

“You may ask me out to dinner. Nothing fancy or foreign. No bars. No patios. No vegetables. And no seafood.” Angela (The Office) Since I’m on hold with my editor having “missed my opening” by a mile (I think our … Continue reading

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