29 Things That Television Has Taught Me.

LOL! Can’t stop laughing

Suzie Speaks

1. Walking down the street in these outfits will make people think I am a style icon and try and emulate my fashion sense.


2. Teenagers in America, particularly in Stars Hollow and Capeside, posses a mastery of complex vocabulary. I work with hundreds of teenagers every day and if I can get a ‘nah, man!’ out of them I’m doing well.

3. New York City is an affordable place to live and all apartments there are beautifully decorated and spacious.

4. It is possible to be in the vicinity of the murder of hundreds of people in Cabot Cove, New York and Ireland, and not once be considered a suspect. Jessica Fletcher is a master criminal.

5. The louder the TV chef, the more unhealthy the food.

6. The bumbling idiot will always have a beautiful wife.


7. Your best friend will forgive you for kissing his girlfriend after you…

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2 thoughts on “29 Things That Television Has Taught Me.

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  1. Obviously all of these things are true and this is valuable information for the crime writer. Especially the part about bad guys and machine guns. Oh, and confessions. That definitely makes the ending easier.

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