“You shut your mouth when you argue with me!”

Do eet. Fix zee fights.

Words with Salt

break up

Have you seen the commercial “Not sorry” from Pantene?

It’s the one where every woman is saying sorry for something to a man.

Then it says, “Don’t be sorry.” And they go on with a smug expression saying, “Sorry, not sorry.”

Firstly. I don’t know that many women walking around so sweet and innocently saying sorry for nothing.

Second. There is no weakness in being polite. MEN do it too. I promise.

Third. If you are a loud mouth braggart like me. And I’m a woman. You have cause to be sorry once in a while

It’s funny. Whenever I plan a specific topic it falls flat, and another one comes up organically in my life that just forces itself into the front of my temporal lobe.

I’d wanted to talk about arguing on Facebook, but then real life arguments of BOTH social networking and friends dealing with divorce and…

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