My new pen name is launching now!

He’d wanted a star. Instead, he’d gotten a scorpion…

When she trespassed on her enemy’s territory, rest assured he’ll seek atonement for what’s been stolen. Alec, God-King of the Seven Islands doesn’t intend to claim just any souvenir as repayment for the offense. The prize he’s after has a name.

… Freya.

No ordinary girl, Freya’s a titan blood, and enemy of the gods on Olympus. In his eyes, she’s merely leverage, but she’s more powerful than he could have anticipated.

The Kings of Olympus want her dead.

When a dark secret keeps Alec at arm’s length from his young and intriguing prisoner, and with enemies on either side, Freya’s beginning to realize what’s most at stake.

Her heart.

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Ethno Beauty. Beautiful young woman in traditional ukrainian cro



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