Manuscript Evaluations


Evaluations for Novels, Novelettes, and Short Stories (Fiction/non-fiction)



Novels: $75

Novelettes: $25

Short Stories: $15

(Currently all payments made through PayPal)


What report I give:


Overall plot – Is there a balance between the action/rising tension and rest? Does it stay focused or stray? Are there too many sub-plots?

Characterization – A broad viewpoint on the protagonist, the antagonist, and the cast of characters

Pace – Too quick, too slow?

Voice – Is it consistent throughout the story and within the character(s)?

Psychic distance – A general overview of how far the reader sits from the main character(s).

Exposition – Is it pervasive/overused? Does it bog the story down?

Scene and narrative – Is there a good balance between the two?

Starting point – Does the story start in the correct place?

Suspension of disbelief – Does the story maintain it?

Melodrama – Do the characters overreact in/to certain events?

Sensory description – Is there enough for the reader to picture a setting/experience a scene?

Wordiness – Are there words or phrases that eat up too much word count and sprawl sentences?

Conflicts – Are they too easy/too hard for the protagonist?

Dialogue – Is it stilted, weak?


Want an evaluation? Email me at Logansfiction (at) gmail (dot) (com)

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