On The Topic Of Reviews And Conspiracies

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Alianne Donnelly

I meant this to be a Facebook post, but it got away from me and turned into a bit of a rant, so I am sharing here instead.

I keep seeing posts about this topic, from both sides of the fence, authors publicly asking for reviews (me among them) and reviewers annoyed that authors feel entitled to reviews from readers. It got me thinking. I think both sides are wrong. But then both are right at the same time. What follows are my two cents on the topic.

They are right…

LoveHateIt seems to me that reviews have become a business. Sad, but true. There are companies out there who charge money for posting reviews, authors getting their friends and family to post 5-star reviews to boost sales. It’s gotten to the point where it’s difficult to tell which reviews are sincere and which are not. In that sense, the…

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2 thoughts on “On The Topic Of Reviews And Conspiracies

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  1. Read the original also.
    If I have something to say about the book or story, I will frequently say it privately to the author. It might mean more that way. But I do write reviews and post them on my site, which automatically puts them on goodreads and facebook, but not Amazon.
    I don’t like starred reviews because the stars mean different things. 4 on goodreads is 5 on Amazon, and frequently they are padded. I know of one book put together by the company running a Facebook-like site, made up of the writings of the people who posted on that site that had 13 five star reviews. A quick click through them showed mostly names that were recognizable as being members of the staff and only one (1) of them was an Amazon Verified Purchase. Last I check, sales were lagging to the point they were giving to books away to hospitals and such.
    Bash what I hate? Not usually. I usually don’t finish it. One book I picked up died on the first page of adverbial overload.


    1. It’s hard being on this side of it now seeing as how I am not usually a “reviewer” either, but since publishing I see how I wait in anticipation for people to put up there what they thought, either way, for other readers.


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