On The Topic Of Reviews And Conspiracies

OooOOO I like this one!

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  1. Read the original also.
    If I have something to say about the book or story, I will frequently say it privately to the author. It might mean more that way. But I do write reviews and post them on my site, which automatically puts them on goodreads and facebook, but not Amazon.
    I don’t like starred reviews because the stars mean different things. 4 on goodreads is 5 on Amazon, and frequently they are padded. I know of one book put together by the company running a Facebook-like site, made up of the writings of the people who posted on that site that had 13 five star reviews. A quick click through them showed mostly names that were recognizable as being members of the staff and only one (1) of them was an Amazon Verified Purchase. Last I check, sales were lagging to the point they were giving to books away to hospitals and such.
    Bash what I hate? Not usually. I usually don’t finish it. One book I picked up died on the first page of adverbial overload.


    1. It’s hard being on this side of it now seeing as how I am not usually a “reviewer” either, but since publishing I see how I wait in anticipation for people to put up there what they thought, either way, for other readers.


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