The Truth About Inspiration

Great one!


inspiration 2

Inspiration is great. FABULOUS, even. You gotta love those times when that word-bowel movement starts long before you get to your keyboard. You’re driving, at work, or preoccupied in some other way, and something sparks it. You are going to explode if you don’t get to that gosh dern keyboard, like NOW. You are bursting at the seams when you finally sit down to let it out, and when you do, it pours and pours and pours, like Niagra dumping holy water on those keys, and two hours later you’ve written two freaking amazing chapters or something and it’s still coming. Isn’t it great how every day in the life of the average writer blesses us with this gift of super-human inspiration?

*shields face from the pie you are aiming at me*

Yeah. Not so much, eh?

Here’s the thing about inspiration: it comes and goes. We are not always going…

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