Hilary Davidson: The conversation every author dreads

Oh man on a roll here!

National Post | Arts

Hilary Davidson is the author of The Damage Done, The Next One to Fall, and Evil in All Its Disguises. Her most recent novel, Blood Always Tells, was just published by Tor/Forge. Davidson, who was born in Toronto and lives in New York, will be guest editing The Afterword all this week.

The scene: It could be anywhere, really. An elegant cocktail party. A train to Montreal. A dentist’s office. This conversation happens every day. Identifying details have been changed to protect the guilty.

Stranger: You’re a novelist? I’ve got a great idea for a novel.

Author: That’s great. You should try writing a book.

S: My idea is really, really, really awesome. Like, a surefire bestseller. You won’t believe it.

A: I probably won’t. You should make notes, at least. Sometimes I’ll think I have a great idea and five minutes later I’ll forget what…

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