Do it. Read this. My new salty-blog!

My new non-fic blog! Now you know my mild mannered alter ego (cough). 😀

Words with Salt

Welcome! to what I lovingly refer to as the Salty-blog.

That name was taken. I know, I know, it’s great. Sigh.

But Words with Salt is just as nice 😀

And so here she is (cue music). My new blog!

We get to be many things in this grand ole opera called life. Lots of hats to wear, or pants, and I felt that in order to categorize these things one must sometimes make lists. Or blogs. Or movies, but I like to start small.

My growth and experience is not the same as someone else’s and so it’s great because the blogs I read, be that inspirational, author memoirs, equestrian, and so on, show perfectly that life is vastly varied while at the same time we’re tied together by so many commonalities. I almost always find another way to look at things, maybe some enlightening struggle through faith, or even…

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