Hope is scary

Oh man it is!

Words with Salt

robin williams

A friend of mine and I recently talked about signs. Things that are more than happenstance, a glimpse into something designed, destined, happening with certain and perfect reason, and then we talked about the scary feeling whenever something occurs in life that is so inopportune, and aligned so that you might have imagined a creator before, but now—now you’re certain beyond reasonable doubt and…what then?

In my life I’ve seen periods where death came and went, converging in this apex of my own bubble of trials in such a way that the formula was apparent. As if above me in the sky I saw written: x2 X 42 = 2014

How we think this is the way it will always be until the next season of change smacks us in the face, propelling us forward into a whole new adventure.


Such a funny word, because it’s only part of the equation…

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