Our Book Review – New Forever – Yessi Smith

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You have found her.
Your girl.
Your future.
You adore her.
You love her.
She’s your everything.

Two years.
Two years of laughs shared.
Love shared.
Problems solved.

But this……This will never be fixed.
One picture.
One memory.
One devastating outcome.

The pain you feel is excruciating.
It’s unbearable.
The guilt is consuming you.
You can’t stay.
Your responsible.
Your to blame.
Staying will crush her.
Staying will make her hate you.

You do the only thing you can.
You walk away.
No reason given.
You have to.
It’s her you have to protect.

But what if that one decision was the wrong one?
What if breaking her heart to protect her was the wrong path to take?
What if walking away from her was a mistake?

Welcome to Max and Hayley’s world.

A world full of pain and hurt. A world full of guilt and grief. A world full…

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