Gods of Anthem by Logan Keys [Book Review]

SO SO MANY SPOILERS ****WARNING***** Do not read if you are going to read Gods of Anthem (But if you have check this out *cries with laughter*) #truestory #somuchawesome

radioactive memories

This review contains spoilers. Please read at your own risk!
This book was provided by netgalley in exchange for an honest review 🙂
4.5 Stars
I don’t even know where to start with reviewing this book. I don’t!
I think I’ll start by saying that I actually hate zombies. Zombies freak me out. They’re the one supernatural thing (other than creepy ghost children that climb out of things they have no right to climb out of) that I cannot really deal with. Every episode of Supernatural that has zombies in it has me hiding behind my teddy bear and it’s the reason why I still haven’t watched The Walking Dead, even though I’m pretty sure it’d otherwise be right up my street. Zombies and I… we don’t mix. We’re getting better acquainted but they still send me into a tailspin.
Which is why, when Liza finds herself in the middle…

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