A Star-crossed Dystopian

She records the history Society forces her to, that is, until she uncovers the truth.

Inside the Dome, Society wipes away memories, and trains the minds of citizens with “Method”. Historian is made to write fictional history, but what she finds in the illegal files, is far more interesting. A tragic and diverse past, they unveil a reality she’s unable to ignore.

Seven’s the outsider to Society. Before his life’s path crosses that of Historian’s, he was struggling to belong. Seven yearns to show her his explorations, push back at Society for once, and teach Them a lesson they shall never forget. He’ll have to decide if his newfound feelings for Historian are worth the ultimate sacrifice–one that will get him the ultimate punishment.

If Seven and Historian don’t join forces and stand against Method, Society wins. But rebellion means Cleansing, and Officer has already noticed their lack of sameness.

Get your copy of this star-crossed dystopian tale today.


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