Author Spotlight with Logan Keys

Check out my interview with the awesome twogalsandabook here!

Two Gals and a Book

This week’s “Author Spotlight” is Logan Keys.

Logan Keys says she’s not so much a writer, as she is a soothsayer and preparer for those who are still blissfully unaware. Her stories aren’t dystopian, but rather a warning for the next generation. When she’s not writing zombies, vampires, superheroes, and robots, she’s fighting against government over-reach and oligarchy, using military tactics mixed with a little bit of poetry.

Logan’s currently half way to Japan, working on her new voyage (hint hint) into fantasy, but she’s still “keeping it real”, and writing futuristic sci-fi on the daily.

Saving imaginary planets one story at a time, she says, “My words are my riot.”

We were lucky enough to get an interview with her after reading “Barkley Five Oh” an exciting yet emotional story about a robot named Barkley.


The story is about…

Blurb:The power of attachment. The pain of connection…

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