First Chapter (Prologue) to Lost :D


When it was over, we were the lucky ones.
I kept telling myself that.
The society had tried to destroy us. They threw us into the ocean.
We were left to drown.
No light. Only water.
Too far out to swim back, and during the stain. A month long of complete darkness. We were becoming one with the water. It was everywhere. In my lungs. In my eyes. Raining from the heavens.
Waves came out of the void to cover my head.
Knowing it was useless, I still cried for help.
He heard me calling.
I threw my hands up, and he grabbed onto them.
“Hold on,” he yelled. “Hold on.”
I am, I thought, I am.
And through it all we held each other knowing it was useless.
There isn’t anyone here to save us.
No land to catch us and keep us from becoming one with the water.
I am filled with shame for touching someone all over again.
The water is reversing the bravery and freedom.
Deny yourself! My heart screams, Deny, deny, deny…




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