Talent will Find a Home

Excellent post!

I will only add that even with traditional publishing you need not make the “end game” your happiness 😀 Every writer must decide they write for one reason and one alone. I’ll let you pick that reason 🙂


books magic black background light blue 1280x960 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_31“It’s always hard to break in, but talent will find a home.”

This quote from an agent at a New York literary agency was pinned to the wall in my work space forever. I often looked at it with that misty-eyed look of longing, slipping into a daydream about the day that it would happen. I’d get that email–you know the one–saying something like, “We think your story is brilliant and we wish to offer you representation, along with the promise of fortune and fame forevermore.” I remember thinking, “that’s when I’ll know that I have arrived; my writing is good enough (and so am I) . . . .”

It was months after I >made the decision to go indie< that I read that quote and saw what it was really saying. First off, it was telling me that this thing I love to do–writing, storytelling–has to…

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4 Responses to Talent will Find a Home

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Lo-Lo! You’re awesomness cannot be expressed enough. 😀


  2. Okay, that misprint totally sucked. I was going to say “You’re awesome” but changed my mind. Shucks. 😛

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  3. Question: Are “misprint” and “typo” the same thing? Hmm…

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